1/350 Titanic Deck for Minicraft/Entex

1/350 Titanic Deck for Minicraft/Entex
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This is the largest and most extensive ship deck that scaledecks.com has ever offered.  There are so many pieces that the deck is shipped on TWO SEPARATE SHEETS - one 10x16 and one 9x13 inches.  Deck components include all exposed external decks and crossover paths.

Now you can have the best-looking deck for this historic ocean liner available anywhere.

(Photo is of test pattern; engineering is complete, wood is being cut now and will ship the week of May 1st.)

Decks are available in a "High Detail" fit.  What this means is that if you are using aftermarket etched brass, you will be asked to replace plastic parts (such as the benches) with fine etched brass replacements.  As a result, the holes where these items should have mounted should not be there - and with our HIGH DETAIL decks, those holes do not exist - and instead you have beautiful, uninterrupted planking.

Note that some of the other holes, such as for rigging tiedowns, are also eliminated.  If you want those holes, you can always poke them through with a needle after the deck is mounted down.  After all, it is much easier for the modeler to add a hole than it is for you to eliminate a hole - and at scaledecks.com we always try to make our decisions with the best options for the modeler in mind.

You can read about the technology that makes our decks unique at our main site at http://scaledecks.com/Technology.html.  In short, they are incredibly thin, with very detailed printing of features.  Our decks are backed with thermal fleece allowing you to use your choice of adhesives.

Decks come in a color choice of Natural Maple, Natural Teak and Tinted Wood.  See the Materials Page for samples.  Real naval ships use Teak due to its great resistance to weather.  Some modelers prefer a lighter wood to present a good scale effect of a sun-bleached and weathered deck - and so Maple would be a better choice in these circumstances.  If you are doing a diorama and want the deck to look darker because it is wet, then Teak would be a better choice.  Darker ships look great with Teak to really bring out the richness of the wood.  You also have the option of having the individual plank tinting applied to wood.  The choice is up to you.

Decks are precision measured and cut to 1/100 of an inch accuracy, and all of our decks are custom tested on actual plastic kits. 

This deck is fully compatible with etched brass detail sets, and can bring your model to an amazing level of realism.  Our genuine Laser Cut Wood Decks are manufactured FOR scale modelers BY scale modelers.